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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

This is a simple one to cover…you’re either committed, or you’re not. You’re either committed to being healthier and stronger, or you’re not. You’re either committed to making this a part of your weekly routine, or your not. It’s way too common for people to start hot and heavy, and then they disappear into the shadows when things get tough. Or because they would rather be cool and pour drinks down their throat, and post on Instagram versus putting some work. We are all about having a good time, but there's a fine line between having a good time every now and then, and a lifestyle of excuses.

We are here to help--the coaches and myself. We are always here for any member of this gym to reach out to for help, wisdom, and guidance. But,...we aren’t your life coaches. If a life coach is what you need, then well…you need to look elsewhere. If you want your ego stroked, you’re better off gathering your things and walking out the front door. We are not going to entertain that nonsense. The best athlete is treated exactly the same as the first day athlete. We are committed to you and your success, that’s why you never find a time when we aren’t filling the calendar with new, fun, different activities and events for this awesome community of crazies we’ve built. Likewise, we get the same energy and enthusiasm out of a tremendous lot of you, and we are extremely grateful for that…THANK YOU for helping make our dream true.

However, there will be those who have complaints about how they feel, what they look like, and talk a great game about how they want to get to/get back to where they want to be. Bragging about the past isn't impressive. Be the best version of you today--and that takes work. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this isn’t Oz…you can’t click your heals together three times and it’s done. It’s going to take time, goal setting, discipline, perseverance, playing through pain, and above all…consistency. I know you’re tired at the end of your workday…congrats, you’re just like every single other person who is a member of this gym. So, do you want to be that one that makes excuses?


Listen...we all have our bad days, or aches/pains and need to modify. I'm not talking about that. It's the ones that constantly have something to say about everything. The ones that cherry pick their days depending on the WOD, skip reps to finish early, or make sure everyone sees them when they finish a workout. Don't fake the success--have it, by being dedicated and committed.

We take this very seriously, because we care about helping people. But if you’re not going to hold up your end of the bargain, do not waste our time…because that’s the only thing we can’t get back. If you’re looking for a place that will willingly take your money every month and not expect to see your smiling face, there’s a few places we can suggest. But, if you’re serious, well then lets get serious and get to work.

--Coach James

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