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B.S. Post University, Waterbury, CT

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Strongman

US Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor

US Army Combat Lifesaver 

Olympic lifting Seminar with Jon North


James has a physical performance background that began in childhood. A 1998 graduate of Dallastown Area High School in York County, PA…James was a three sport athlete as member of the football, wrestling and track and field teams. Upon completion of high school, James initially attended Penn State University…but after a short time decided to put his education on hold. Wanting to do something “bigger than himself”, James enlisted as an infantryman in the US Marine Corps in April 1999. Shortly thereafter, James reported to Boot Camp at Parris Island, SC, followed by School of Infantry at Camp Geiger (Lejeune), NC.

During the following years and after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, James served in several locations globally to include two deployments to Iraq. After completing his contractual obligation, as well as an extension, to the US Marine Corps, James chose to continue his service by reenlisting into the US Army where he continued to serve as an infantryman. His fitness regimen, at that time, was very traditional…weight training and miles of running. Over time, the wear and tear of serving in the infantry and adherence to traditional workouts began to take its toll, and James found himself suffering from a back condition called spondylolisthesis. At thirty years old, standing and walking for more than ten minutes at a time was nearly impossible, as it caused blinding pain that radiated from his lower back down to the bottom of his right leg. 

For over a year, James followed the guidance of a team of medical professionals, with little to no relief from his pain. Medications, four epidural shots to the spine, MRI’s, X-rays, physical therapy…nothing helped. The culmination of this was a very matter-of-fact prognosis from his Doctor, “you need back surgery and you will never lift heavy or play sports again.” It was on that same day that an orthopedic surgeon in the same office strongly advised him against having the surgery…and invited him to come to his CrossFit. Six years have passed since that day in the hospital, James has not had the surgery, is completely pain free as well as stronger, faster and more fit than he was as a nineteen year old infantry Marine. 

James lives and breathes physical fitness and total body wellness. He is passionate about helping others strive toward their goals, even if they’ve been told it is an impossibility.

Why it works

Why this style of fitness works to fight diseases, is a safe environment to try new exercises, and combine it with food & other wellness professionals to reduce pain naturally.

The Name: 

Fire for Effect

How James landed on the name Fire For Effect Athletics.

What the Logo Means

Break down of what each part of the logo means.

Southern Cross.png

Southern Cross

Marine symbol for warriors.



PA's official symbol. 

Shield FFE.png

Hidden Letters

The outline of the keystone makes up the letters, F F E.

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