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Crossfit Rowing Machines


Learn about who is the perfect fit for training with us, and why we do what we do.

What does


"Fire for effect" is a military term used to tell the team that they have the target visually locked on, and are ready to throw everything we've got to conquer the mission.

Are you ready to give it all you've got?



Are you wondering if this is the right spot for you? Well, there are a few key components to be the best fit for us. 

  1. Willing to try new things

  2. Be consistent - even when life gets busy and you don't feel like it

  3. Respect your coaches


If you can do those things, then you'll see great changes! You get out of it what you put into it--but rest assured, you'll never be in it alone. 

  • MIND: You're going to work hard, find new strengths & abilities, and gain confidence in yourself inside and outside the gym. You'll surprise yourself at how much you're able to do. ​

  • BODY: You'll see more muscle, toned physique, and increased stamina.​

  • SPIRIT: Enjoy exercise again, and feel better physically & mentally. You'll be surrounded by like-minded people who will cheer you on the whole way.



Who we have trained and who we love working with - they did the work to make themselves a success story, and you can too!

USA Olympic Rowing Teams

We have had the honor of being home to the male and female USA Olympic Rowing teams from Boat House Row in Philadelphia. We loved working with elite athletes to increase their stamina, power production, and offer rehab exercises for injuries.

Philadelphia's Fire Fighters:

"Philly Fire Motivated Fitness"

We are one of two locations that the city of Philadelphia contracts to work with our local fire fighters. For most, exercise is a fun way to get fit, but for their line of work- it's a matter of life and death. We take their training very seriously, and have seen massive improvements in their health that can safe lives. For example, they are able to extend the life of their oxygen tanks while responding to a fire. 

Strongman movements prepare them for picking up people and moving quickly. We highly recommend it for any trade worker.

Medical Professionals

We are proud to have so many medical professionals trust us with their training. We have doctors, nurses, medics, surgeons, cardiologists, and PT's that come to us for their health. We love the compliment that they could train anywhere, and they chose us. They have active occupations, and our goal is to keep them strong and fit to be able to provide the best care for others. 

Medical Complications

We're no stranger to clients who are going through difficult things. People who are recovering from a major surgery, accident, chemotherapy, or other chronic conditions like Lupus and Diabetes. We've been able to help folks be more capable, flexible, and confident in life, regardless of what physical limitations are present. We've worked with stroke patients, those missing limbs, and more. Truth be told, this population gives us the most excitement when they realize that they did more than doctors ever thought the could. Some of the "big win's" we've seen are folks reducing required medications from better blood work, reduction in chronic pain, fast recovery from cancer treatments, and greater autonomy for those without limbs. 

First Time in the Gym

Are you a "first-timer" in a gym? Great! We want to meet you - you'll find a supportive group of people who are all willing and ready to show you how to properly exercise, and teammates that'll cheer for you as you finish the workouts. We never require you to do every rep, lift a specific amount of weight, or do something you're uncomfortable with. We're here to help guide you and offer modifications for movements so you don't overdo it as you're starting out. Everyone here had a "Day 1", and no one is going to judge you for taking your time. We'd rather you go slow and steady to make this a fun part of your routine rather than blow you away after the first workout. Consistency is key! Our hope is that you'll fall in love with fitness and feeling good, and the physical changes will be a happy side-effect of all your hard work.

Old School CrossFiter's

Do you love doing free weights in WOD's and classic workouts like Fran? You'll get your fix with us. We started our love of fitness with CrossFit, and much of the methodology of the "constantly varied movements" has remained the same. If you love CrossFit, then you'll feel right at home with us. 


Why this style of fitness works to fight diseases, is a safe environment to try new exercises, and combine it with food & other wellness professionals to reduce pain naturally.

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