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police your own

We’ve all been there…”where’s (insert MIA member here) been?” That is a fantastic question, and my short response, "you tell me!" You all know how much of a family environment we like to keep as the norm here, so rest assured when someone hasn’t been gracing us with their presence in more than a few days, we are calling and/or emailing and/or texting.

Life Happens

Sometimes it’s as simple as an unusually heavy work load, I’m definitely more than acquainted with that, but sometimes they are in a slump or just getting comfortable in their lethargy, or maybe something in life has derailed them. They need a swift kick in the pants to get their act together. It's not about vanity...this is about people's health. To keep consistent, sometimes, they need a reminder that exercise good for them.


You're Words Go Further Than Mine

You, my friends, the WOD buddies…the Fit Fam…will get them back home with us where they belong a lot quicker than we can. They expect to hear from the coaches, and it's easier to put off. But, when they hear from their friends that are missing them...that, is way more powerful. They realize that others miss them, and then it lights the fire under their butts again to get back in here. Police your own, guys…keep each other on the right track and be accountable for one another.

Some people need more motivation than others. Bully- may take it too far, but poke at them. And keep doing it. Facebook message people, send emails, call, Morris code, carrier pigeons--whatever.

If you need help bugging people to get back in here, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

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