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1:1 Training For MOM's

Pregnancy and Postpartum Workouts

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Science-Based Approach to Pregnancy Workouts

No pregnancy is exactly the same - so why should we expect all workouts to be the same while you're pregnant?  With our program, we tailor every workout to your unique needs, and we do it in collaboration with our partners, Restore Physical Therapy. They are trained Pelvic Floor Therapists, Doulas, and amazing ladies who have helped hundred of women before, during, and after their pregnancies. 


To Lift, or Not to Lift?

Is weightlifting right for you? Maybe - we take in consideration your previous fitness experience, your comfort level, and your strength needs before throwing weights at you. You might need more resistance training or lengthening rather than weightlifting. We follow the recommendations from your pelvic floor therapist, to find the right combination of movements for you. 


Our Proven Track Record

Our trainers are not new to working with women prenatal and postpartum. We have worked with dozens of ladies at all stages of their pregnancies. We've been told that our workouts helped keep them healthy, mobile, and sane during their pregnancies. We've also heard that the birth and recovery was lighting fast compared to other pregnancies that they've experienced. Soon, it becomes the part of their week that they look forward to the most! 


Let's Do This!

We're ready to meet you! Let's start the conversation about your needs, connect you with a coach, and begin building a customized plan for you. We work around your schedule and keep you at the forefront of our goals. 

No fear in commitment - we don't do conversation contracts. You have the freedom to choose various packages to fit your budget. Give it a try, and see how it works for you!


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