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Meet us on Zoom weekly to checkin with the group on how you're progressing with the challenge. Talk about your new favorite recipe, tricks in the kitchen, or ask questions about what you are struggling with. It's an open forum for you.


Help! I don't have a printer!

No problem! Contact Tracey, and she will mail you one. 

Text: 706-814-1220

email: tracey@fireforeffectath.com

What am I allowed to eat?

You can have anything your heart desires as long as it doesn't contain gluten or refined sugars. The main food items with gluten are wheat products like bread and pasta. Refined sugars are things like candy, ice cream, Oreos, sugary drinks, and other heavily processed foods. 

Are you sure I can eat this?

There are several items that are typically on the "no" list that aren't being excluded this go-around. Most of the items that are usually eliminated are typical culprits for upsetting your gut, or cause inflammation. If you know that you have an aversion to any of these, then don't eat them. The goal of this challenge is focused on overall healthy habits both mentally and physically. 

Dairy? Yep, go ahead. Yay cheese!

Corn? You bet

Potatoes? Yes! Don't go crazy on fries and chips, Moderation is key.

Rice? Totally

Beans? Yeah, you can.

Fried things with breading? No. The breading is flour, which is wheat. 

Tortillas? Flour tortillas--No Corn tortillas--Yes

Gluten Free Pasta? Yes! There are lots of options. 

Whole Wheat Pasta? No, wheat is gluten.

Honey? Yes, it's not artificially processed

Agave? Yep

Stevia? Yes

Unsure about a food item? You can text Tracey at 706-814-1220. Happy to answer any questions!

Can I drink alcohol?

For the purpose of this challenge, yes--you can drink alcoholic drinks. Beware though! These drinks have lots of hidden calories and sugars/gluten. Keep beers under 3 pints, and wine shouldn't be more than 2 glasses. 

There are certain gluten free liquors as well. Check out new options out there!

How do I score my card?

It's designed to be printed off and hung on your fridge so you see it every day. Mark down every day if you ate "clean", if you drank 1 gallon of liquids, created/read something for at least 30 minutes, and did some form of a workout for 1 hour (preferable a FFE Zoom WOD). You get 1 point for taking a photo each week as well. Add up all the points you earned over the coarse of the week and make it the total score in the gray box at the end of the week. At the end, a coach will add up all of your weeks to make your total score. The top 4 scores will get the prize!

Every day you can earn:

Food = 3 Points

Water = 2 Points

WOD = 1 Point

Read/Create = 1 Point

If you take a photo, then add 1 Point towards your weekly score. 

The most points you can earn is 300.

What is the challenge time frame?

It will begin on Monday April, 20, and go for 6 weeks, until May 31.

What if I start the challenge late?

It doesn't matter! Start whenever you can and start earning as many points as you can. Odds are that you will still score higher than you think!

It's not about starting at the right time. It's about starting in general. Don't get mentally stuck on the timeframe. This is a good start to making lasting changes to your daily routines, and creating new healthier habits.

What are the prizes?

There will be 4 winners. They will be determined by who earned the most points throughout the course of the challenge. Don't cheat by inflating your scorecard with fake points! You're only cheating yourself. 

We will be awarding these 4 people with a $50 gift card to a local restaurant to help support the hurting food industry from the pandemic. You can choose any local restaurant as long as it's not a chain (like Olive Garden, or Chili's). Approved restaurants are things like La Roca, Winnies, Manayunk Brewing Company, The Couch Tomato, and others.