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At Fire for Effect Athletics, our top priority is functional fitness that applies to your daily life. This includes everything from strength and cardio, to flexibility and gymnastics.

We are a strength and conditioning facility that has a unique focus on Strongman exercises. We love these exercises because they mimic movements that people do in their daily lives. We want to give everyone the tools to safely lift odd objects. We believe being strong and mobile will help prevent injuries and let you keep a healthy lifestyle for many years to come. 


Our programming is designed for everyone, regardless of physical ability or age. We are able to customize any workout to benefit people at any stage in life - from kids as young as 8, to folks in their 80’s, as well as elite athletes.

We have worked with everyone from all walks of life. Olympic athletes who have set world records, pregnant & postpartum parents, NFL athletes, doctors & medical professionals, Tennis Pro's, firefighters & police, including those who are paraplegic and able-bodied folks, and everything in between! 

You're absolutely able to do this!



Join a small group class or have a personal session with a trainer in a one-on-one setting. All of our coaches are trained in strength and conditioning and are dedicated to proper form and safety. We are able to modify workouts to meet you at your skill level. Anyone, of any age or skill level, can do one of our workouts to see positive results. 

Ask us about trying it out today. Your first workout is FREE!











This is a great gym, clean facility, great equipment, and a parking lot. The one thing they have that you cannot buy is awesome coaches that motivate, instruct, and push you to be the very best. When I first walked in to check out the new veteran owned business I had no intention on signing up. I still can’t tell you why I did it. I am 40, overweight, 4 kids, and zero time. But looking back it was the best decision of 2017. Can’t wait to go tomorrow.


Here I am running down the alley with an actual smile on my face. For those of you that know me you know I had until August to make some serious changes with my health. Today I had occasion to be at the doctors and he was excited at my weight loss and my blood pressure problem has turned into a non issue. It’s been four months of Crossfit and the changes in my health are remarkable at best. Thank you all for your encouragement and for putting up with me saying “I’m not doing that” ... because I “decided to do that” with the help of my coaches and all of you I’m succeeding 

Sanetia Castillo

Feel in love with this place last year during Bonsai Brawl. Started dropping in every Thursday night for the Weekly Flight and just recently signed up to become a FFE member!! James, Tracey, Adam and the rest of the crew of coaches are always welcoming. You will never feel out of place or feel like you don't belong. Everyone that walks into those doors for classes are excited to be there. The energy they have is amazing. It's not only a place to workout but a place you will call home and eventually become family. If your looking for a new home and people that will encourage you, look no further.

Fire for effect athletics

James Taulbee | Owner

123 Leverington Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19127

Tel: 717-779-5789

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