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Cyber Law Simplified By Vivek Sood Ebook [Latest 2022]




The laws governing the activities of the private sector have been included in the Act. The Act consists of a preamble and 21 Chapters. The preamble and preambular provisions can be read together as forming a second part of the Act, and a third part of the Act constitutes Chapter 21. The preamble introduces the Act as a consolidation of the laws relating to electronic transactions, electronic commerce, etc. The Act is also a consolidation of various laws relating to cyber law. The preamble provides also a description of the norms and principles on which the legislation should be based. Chapter 1 of the Act contains the provisions relating to definitions. The definitions therein contained are important as they are used extensively in the subsequent chapters of the Act. A glossary is provided in Appendix A for the ease of understanding. Chapter 2 of the Act contains the provisions relating to prohibition of Electronic Transaction. A special provision has been made to provide the proscription of Electronic Transaction through other means such as non-electronic means of transfer of money, gift etc. The provisions relating to prohibition of Electronic Transaction are in relation to the instruments used for transfer of money, the value of which exceeds certain limits, or instruments purporting to be transfer of money, and the use of electronic means of transfer of money with a view to commit fraud, and provide for a fine or imprisonment for a period or both, as the case may be. Chapter 3 of the Act contains the provisions relating to prohibition of Electronic Mail, e-Commerce and similar means. The fundamental object of the Act is to provide for the regulation of Electronic Transaction. The basic objectives of the Act are to provide for protection of consumers and to promote and foster electronic transactions. The main reasons behind the enactment of the Act were that the growth of telecommunication and Internet-based electronic transactions had outstripped the pace of legislation and laws. The object of Chapter 3 is the prevention of Internet fraud. These objects are met through the establishment of a criminal offence of Electronic Mail, e-Commerce or similar means, and on the basis of which, the rules of other law are brought to bear. Chapter 4 of the Act relates to the rules for determination of value. The value of any instrument for transfer of money is determined in accordance with the rules laid down in the Act. For the purposes of the Act, value is determined as per Section 2 of the TI Act, 2000. Chapter 5 of the Act contains the provisions relating to Prevention





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Cyber Law Simplified By Vivek Sood Ebook [Latest 2022]

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