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That's my ish! Break the mold with a burst of color to spread the love far and wide. Nothing says "Fit-Chick" like a snug sleeve over those toned biceps, plus you can tantalize the crowd with a hint of midriff --Scandelous! But hey, you work hard at looking good, so show it off :)


It's a light-weight cotton blend, and all shirts have been pre-washed and shrunk. They do run a little small, so we suggest going up one size. 



*All orders are handmade by an artist in-house - which is mega cool! What does that mean for the shirt? The nature of tie-dye is to create randomized colors and fold patterns. Each item is custom and unique, and we can't guarantee an exact replica of what is shown. However, it'll be made just for you, and no one else in the world will own a shirt just like it! 

Not only is the tie-dye handmade, but so is the print. This means that it may have a little tilt, or the design might be printed slightly higher or lower than what is shown. Regardless, we will NEVER let a bad print make it out our doors. We promise you a sweet-ass shirt that you'll be proud to wear at workouts, B