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Oct 3, 2018

Life Happens


Edited: Oct 3, 2018

You start your new diet, shop for the fresh meat and produce, and order a new lunch bag from Amazon, and then, it happens. Life throws a curve ball, and it feels like everything falls apart. Here are some quick tips for some common speed bumps!


The Cold


You got sick, and you need chicken noodle soup and Gatorade, like, now. Of course it's important to hydrate and recover, but don't let this put a dent in your progress! Try making your own soup with sugar-free chicken broth, boneless chicken thighs, and vegetables. You can even stir some kale or spinach in before you eat for some calcium-rich greens. Instead of Gatorade, mix coconut water with pineapple juice. Coconut water is ultra hydrating, and pineapple juice has Bromelain, an enzyme that naturally reduces inflammation and aids in recovery.


The Work Trip


You were all set to eat at home this week, then you got the email from your boss with a plane ticket attached. First, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you've got this! Then, focus on planning ahead.


1. Eat a balanced meal at home before heading to the airport. Steer clear of gift shop snacks, and if you must eat, try to find a restaurant that will accommodate your needs. For example, ask your server if you can get your burger on a bed of lettuce, or if you can sub another vegetable with your chicken, instead of having pasta.


2. Once you arrive, locate a local grocery store. You can usually find simple, inexpensive ingredients there to 'prep' some healthy meals in your hotel room! Try combinations like spinach, rotisserie chicken, and sugar free vinaigrette.


3. If your co-workers convene over a meal, or your conference has food brought in, get in touch with the restaurant or catering company in advance. Explain that you have dietary restrictions - the serving staff and chefs will appreciate the heads up, and be happy to create something for you!


The Event


Your kids got invited to another birthday (why were all their friends born the month you decided to start your diet, amirite?). Do yourself a big favor, and pack a meal for yourself. You'll raise eyebrows and maybe even receive a few playful jabs from others, but remind yourself that you stuck to your guns, while they're all enjoying a nine year old's dinner. Work event? Eat beforehand, or call the restaurant or catering company in advance, as suggested above.


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