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Sep 16, 2018

Starch, Sugar, and Sweeteners Oh My


Here is a basic list of Approved Foods to moderate during the next 6 weeks.


Starchy Vegetables:


Sweet Potatoes or Yams (orange, white and purple)

Yukon Gold potatoes

Squash, such as Acorn or Butternut


Turnips and parsnips



These high-starch veggies pack dense carbohydrates, which means a higher glucose content than vegetables with a lower starch content. A reasonable portion size of these type of vegetables should only fill one quarter of your plate, or be roughly the size of your palm (fingers not included).


Dried Fruits:


Store-bought dried fruits are often treated with sugar or preservatives to keep them fresher, longer. Additionally, drying fruit can result in a loss of important nutrients, such as Vitamin C. After an extreme loss of water, dried fruit packs a much higher and more concentrated calorie count in a smaller portion. It's best to stick to raw, fresh fruits and vegetables!


Clean Sweeteners:


Raw Honey

Pure Maple Syrup

Coconut sugar



100% Cacao

Stevia (dried leaves)


When adding a sweetener to a meal or beverage, start with 1/2 teaspoon. Do not exceed 3 teaspoons (which is equal to 1 tablespoon).





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